10 Android Apps That Are Changing The Way Businesses Communicate

Below you will find 10 android chat business apps that are literally changing the way local business’s are communicating.
● Google Places
A popular destination for consumers to look up for reliable ratings and suggestions.
● Citysearch
Engaging Twitter feeds and honest reviews of local businesses can be viewed.
● Yelp
A web-based app to increase your chances of sighting in local searches.
● Y P Yellow Pages
Business website links and their operating hours are displayed, similar to its print version.

Video – Moco – Chat & Meet People

● Foursquare
Ideal for brick and mortar stores to connect with customers through games.
● Groupon
A social app tending to the daily requirements of a consumer on the move.
● Google Shopper
Daily deals are sent via email in real time across various cities.
● Livingsocial
Buyers subscribe to receive instant deals by means of business promotional activities.

● Square
Mobile payments can be accepted through a Card Reader device on the go.
● MobileBiz Pro Invoice
Invoices, sales orders, reports and even signatures can be created in PDF format.

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