Local Business In The Spotlight (Episode 2)

In the second of this 10 part series we speak to fencing Cheltenham who have been providing fencing and landscape gardening work to our community for the last 5 years.

The interview covers the topic of the rich sense of spirit within our community and also the struggle to get your business name out there at the start and grow a solid reputation within the community.

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Local Business In The Spotlight (Episode 1)

In the first of this 10 part series we put local business owners in the spotlight, finding out what they do, who they serve and their thoughts and views on the state of the local economy.

We spoke to John from Cambridge damp removal with reference to his highly successful damp removal and maintenance business, which has been trading for over 15 years.

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Local Information Guide

City Officials invite the citizens and local businesses of Marble Hill to support our website. The goal is to promote tourism by letting our secrets be known to residents of bordering counties and travelers passing through the Southeast Missouri area.


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Massey House

The historic Massey House is located across the street from the 1885 Bollinger County Courthouse. The 1869 log structure has porches running the full width of the front and back of the house and a “dog trot” down the middle. The house is furnished with period pieces and artifacts, including an iron cook stove and original bedstead. The Massey House also hosts many exhibits on Bollinger County history. Visit this location weekends, Memorial Day thru October.


MacDonald Marina

The historic MacDonald Marina situated to the west of the town provides a variety of boating and tour services. The marina has become a landmark of the town, providing employment opportunities and visitor numbers from across the US and Canada. The general manager Brad Thompson can be contacted here.

House Of recovery

The city Of Marble Hill would like to thank the house of recovery a drug abuse and alcohol rehab center for their continued support and excellent work they provide in the community. The City Of Marble Hill truly believe the addiction is an illness and must be treated and cured as an illness