A Guide To Hiring A Chartered Surveyor

What exactly is a chartered Surveyor?

This is a person who goes out and assesses a construction project or a house to determine its conditions and value.


How do you know you need one? 

The number one may to find out if you need a Foundation Chartered Surveyors in London is to make sure that you know the real value of a project. Another reason to consider using a surveyor is while you are in the middle of construction. They will be able to help the person or business learn how to maximum the space they have, see any issues that may come up, and help identify the planning permissions they may need.

Where Can I Find One I Can Trust?


It’s not a good idea to just go off and find a surveyor without doing your homework. A good place to find a good chartered surveyor would be through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

These surveyors will be proven professionals and accredited to work with your area.

Another thing you should do before you hire a surveyor is make sure you consider what is being surveyed. Just like lawyers and other professions there are different surveyors for different things.

Some of the surveyors to choose from are environmental, construction, rural, and building.

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3 Things You Need To Consider Before Hiring A Landscape Gardener


Are you thinking of hiring a landscaper to transform your ugly yard? Listed below are the 3 things you need to consider before hiring someone for this big project.


The first step is to have a clear image of what you want to accomplish with the landscaper. The kind of landscaping company you are going to hire depends on that image. There are 6 different landscapers with different specialization.

  • 1. Landscape Architects
  • 2. Landscape Designers
  • 3. Landscape Contractors
  • 4. Landscape Managers
  • 5. Horticulturist
  • 6. Arborists

You need to understand what each of them can do so you can hire the one suitable for your yard’s needs.

Video – Arlington Tree Removal


Different states have different requirements and laws for landscaping companies. Ask around your area what these laws are and which landscapers have the necessary certification and license. This step is important to make sure that you’re hiring a qualified professional for your big project.


Create a short list of landscapers you want to work with. Then, meet with each one of them and communicate your expectations. Here are the 3 important points you need to clarify before hiring a landscaper: price, safety and security, and quality assurance.

It is important that they know what your budget is and your expectations. Ask about the maintenance of your yard and what services are not covered in the contract. Also, make sure that all the workers are insured by the landscaping company so you don’t have to worry about their safety or your security.


How To Hire And Work With A Local Kitchen Designer


If you decide to renovate your kitchen working with a kitchen designer will save you both money and time.

Compared to home owners, they have better planning methods and advanced technology to help remodel your kitchen without causing you any frustrations.

They also have the best information about the latest trends, building codes, and the best materials to use.


Kitchen design by Kitchen installation Fulham

There are different types of kitchen designers. Before hiring one, make sure that you see their previous work and references from their clients. This is the only way you can be sure that the designer you choose will satisfy your needs.

To make your work with a kitchen designer easier it is important to site what you like and what you would prefer to change for a smooth start.

Since pictures give a clear opinion on what you should like you can obtain some from decorating magazines and websites and let the designer see what you choose.


Lastly, you should let your designer know about your intended budget and as they are experienced they will work with it accordingly.


10 Android Apps That Are Changing The Way Businesses Communicate


Below you will find 10 android chat business apps that are literally changing the way local business’s are communicating.
● Google Places
A popular destination for consumers to look up for reliable ratings and suggestions.
● Citysearch
Engaging Twitter feeds and honest reviews of local businesses can be viewed.
● Yelp
A web-based app to increase your chances of sighting in local searches.
● Y P Yellow Pages
Business website links and their operating hours are displayed, similar to its print version.

Video – Moco – Chat & Meet People

● Foursquare
Ideal for brick and mortar stores to connect with customers through games.
● Groupon
A social app tending to the daily requirements of a consumer on the move.
● Google Shopper
Daily deals are sent via email in real time across various cities.
● Livingsocial
Buyers subscribe to receive instant deals by means of business promotional activities.

● Square
Mobile payments can be accepted through a Card Reader device on the go.
● MobileBiz Pro Invoice
Invoices, sales orders, reports and even signatures can be created in PDF format.


Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Fencing Contractor


If you are considering hiring a professional fence contractor or deck contractor, there are few questions you’ll want to ask before getting started. Here are the questions to ask your contractor:

1) Ask about insurance and licenses

Hiring a handyman to build a fence or deck may cost a little less up front, but there are several risks involved if they don’t have the proper license or insurance. Professional fence and deck contractors will always carry adequate insurance and the appropriate local business licenses.

2) Ask about extra charges

Sometimes you will receive an estimate from a fence company or a deck company instead of a quotation. Fence and deck projects have little or no cost changes along the way, so make sure that you are receiving a price quotation in writing that will represent the final bill for the project as described.

3) Ask your deck or fence builder if they use screws or nails

Although most wood fence contractors and wood deck contractors these days are only using screws in their construction, some companies are still using nails. Using nails is faster than screwing. Proper fence builders and deck builder will never consider using nails. You’ll need to ensure that you are hiring a company that is using only outdoor screws that are approved for use in the material being used (usually pressure treated lumber).

4) Ask about a warranty

A reputable contractor like Panel Fencing London should offer a warranty on the quality of the finished project. The material warranty, if applicable should also be passed along to the homeowner and will vary in terms and length.


10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Local Electrician

One good way to choose the right electrical contractor is to ask the right questions. A quality electrician will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have and to give you honest information. If you need help determining what questions to ask, here are a few ideas:

1. Are You Bonded and Insured? 

The electrical contractor you are considering should answer this question without hesitation. It really should be a given; and “insured” should also include workers’ compensation insurance. If they don’t carry a policy of this sort, then anyone who is injured in your house during the electrical work will be able to file against your homeowners’ insurance policy.

2. Do You Have Proper State Licensing? 

It is required by the state that any electrician have licensing. However, that doesn’t stop some people from advertising on websites like Craigslist and not holding the proper licensing. Never work with an electrical contractor if they don’t have licensing or you could end up with a big problem if they do poor work.

3.What Safety Procedures Does Your Company Have In Place?

Working with electrical power is a dangerous job. Not only should all employees be fully trained but the company as a whole should have strict safety procedures and working practices.

4. Can You Provide Me with References? 

A quality electrical contractor will be more than happy to provide you with references, and it is a good idea to check them as well. A good reputation is one of the best signs that the company you consider knows what they are doing and will do the work well. If a contractor balks at the idea of providing you references, then you may need to do some more research before hiring them.

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5. How does pricing work?

If the electrician asks for a deposit before work is started, do not pay it. The last thing you want is to pay for an estimate that is much higher than the actual cost of the work. In addition, a good electrician already is in good standing with many suppliers, so no upfront deposit is needed to pay for any supplies.

6.Make sure there is a guarantee

A guarantee is protection against unnecessary added expenses. If an electrician does work on your home and it fails soon afterward, he should be coming back and repairing it at no extra cost to you. Make sure parts and labor are guaranteed before beginning.

7. Speak with past customers

The best way to analyze an electrician is by talking to past customers. A good electrician will be happy to provide references for you. Call them and talk about how they liked working with this electrician and how happy you were with the work they did. Determine how reliable and timely they were by the conversations you have with the customer.



How To Hire The Best Local Tree Surgeon In The Area

Are you looking for a tree surgery surgeon?

Well, this tree surgery guide will list for you what to look and what to avoid.

tree surgeon
That is because not everybody who claims to be a professional tree surgeon is certified and does a good job. You need to distinguish who is a professional and who will ruin your trees.

What to Look for and What to Avoid when Selecting a tree surgeon

Contact details: Do not hire someone who does not give proper contact information. Professional companies use landlines and mobile phones. If a tree surgeon does not offer a landline contact number, they most likely do not have an office as well.

Multiple Job Descriptions: Tree surgery is a profession like any other. You need people who are trained and dedicated to it not a jack of all trades. If their job specification states they are doing other jobs like fencing, snow removal, patios cleaning, etc., then they are not professional tree surgeons.

Job Training: What certification do they have? If they are not trained to work as tree surgeons, then you should not trust them to care for your tree or trees.

Registered Tree Surgeons: Are they registered as tree surgeons? Tree surgery is regulated, and you need to hire only professional tree surgeons. Only registered tree surgeons can offer a recommendation about the health of your tree if you need one to cut it down.


Image – Tree Surgery Northampton
Physical Address: A professional tree surgeon should have a physical address just in case you need to meet them in person. If they do not, then you cannot meet them if you want to address any issue. Hire tree surgeons that have physical addresses.

Cash Deposits: Tree surgery does not need someone to take cash deposit because they are not buying nay materials for the job. If someone asks for money upfront, then they probably are not professionals.

If you take all the above factors into consideration when hiring a tree surgeon, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional tree surgeon.


Local Business In The Spotlight (Episode 3)

In this episode we went over to the south side of town to speak with roofers Cardiff about receiving the best local business award and their continued growth and success.

Solar panel installation has become an integral part of their business with many local residents following suit and having the panels installed.

With house prices souring in the area, the company also discuss the measures being taken by home owners to increase their homes value, with much of the work including that of roof repairs.

The full interview is below, would love to hear your thoughts and comments……


How To Choose The Best Local Carpet Cleaning Service


A carpet adds a different aesthetic to the look and feel of any room, and therefore in addition to the house itself.

However, while a clean and well-washed carpet add to the overall look of your home, a soiled and used looking carpet can take away a lot from the look of the room, making it look dull, drab and uncared for.

There are different carpet cleaning activities that are perfect for different types of carpets, and it is quite difficult for the home owner to find out or keep in mind these aspects.

How To Find The Best Service?

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to choose a carpet cleaning service to look after the carpets in your house. The carpets are valuable commodities in the house, and some of them might even be precious or semi-precious. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to hire cleaning services to look after the carpets, and here are some ways in which you can choose the best carpet cleaning services for your house.


To begin with, you should check the experience of the carpet cleaning service, specifically with the kind of carpets that you have in the house. As noted earlier, different carpets require different kinds of care, and one can ruin a carpet by applying cleaning a carpet in any other way than it should be. Therefore, you should ascertain that the carpet cleaning company you are aiming for has the required experience, or at least have the wherewithal to find out what would be the best way to clean the carpet that you have available.

Does Local Really Mean Local?

You should look for carpet cleaning services that are available in the local area because then you do not have to worry about the logistics of it all. Several out of town carpet cleaners may apply more charges, and therefore you might end up paying a lot more than what you would have if you had hired a local carpet cleaner.

Check the resources and type of personnel that they are using for their tasks, and ensure that they are registered practitioners of the trade that they are in.

Some carpet cleaning services hire people who have taken courses in home cleaning and other such activities, and therefore you can be sure that your home décor is in expert and knowledgeable hands.

Further, such services are affiliated to local, national and international bodies, all of which have them adhere to certain rules and regulations, which are always beneficial for the customer. Check if the cleaning service that you plan to opt for has any affiliations to such organizations.

These are some tips that will help you choose the right carpet cleaning services for your house.

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Several such services have their websites, which provide you all the information you would want to them, right from their contact numbers to the testimonials of their past clients. You could even look in the local magazines and newspapers, as these services advertise their services in local media too.


Things To Look For In Your Local City Of Marble Hill Plumber

If you need to hire a plumber, there are a few things you should look for before you actually choose a plumber to work in your home. Considering certain factors before you hire a plumber will ensure that you choose the right plumber for the job and that you are satisfied with the work the plumber does.

Ask For Experience And Licence

When searching for a plumber in, be sure to hire one that is skilled in all things concerning plumbing. The worst mistake clients make is hiring a plumber that is not experienced to work in their home. Unfortunately, the result is that majority of the clients are left disappointed and frustrated with the work done.

When hiring a plumber, be sure to check their qualifications. You will want to choose a plumber that is aythorised to do work in your home. If a plumber cannot prove that he is licensed to work in your home, continue your search for a plumber elsewhere.

Local Recommendations – Trusted Tradesmen

You should also inquire about the professional memberships and organizations the plumber belongs to. This can often tell you a great about a plumber. A plumber that belongs to professional organizations likely had to meet certain criteria and qualifications in order to obtain membership. As such, membership often speaks volumes about a plumber’s ability.


Ask If The Plumber Is Insured

When considering a prospective plumber to work in your home, be sure to verify that the plumber is insured.You should consider if a plumber is licensed, you will want to ensure that the plumber is insured. Checking to see if a plumber is insured will only protect you as the consumer. It is rare that damage would occur as a result of the plumber working in your home. However, when such damage occur, the insurance would cover the cost of any necessary repairs. Therefore, hiring an insured plumber is a must.

Ask For A Guarantee

When choosing a plumber in, be sure to choose one that will guarantee his work. You want to be sure that the work is done right and that your money is well spent. If, for some reason, there is a problem with the work, be sure the plumber is willing to return until the job is done to your satisfaction.